Prohibited Items

Here's a list of Prohibited Items that Shippsy does not handle:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Animals and Animal Products, usually refer to LIVE and/or dead organisms (Does not refer to commodities for animals)
  • Animal Foods, Supplements, Treats, including flea/tick prevention
  • Antiques (Breakable and/or fragile)
  • Agricultural product
  • Asbestos
  • Baby Walkers (Does not refer to strollers, carriages, etc)
  • Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, Smokeless Cigarettes, tobacco, or anything with nicotine
  • Chemicals or devices used to exterminate, repel, or trap any animals, insects, or plants
  • Counterfeit coin
  • Cleaning Wipes / Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes / Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • Diamonds (rough)
  • Herbicide, rodenticide, pesticide, plant growth regulators, anti-sprouting products, disinfectants, fungicides, or insecticides
  • Firearms, ammunition for firearms & explosives.  Gun, and/or firearm parts, antiques, holsters, cases, scope, and any firearms-related accessories.
  • Dehydrated Emergency Food Kits
  • Growth Hormones, CBD Extracts (supplements, vitamins, etc are NOT considered growth hormones)
  • Human remains including ashes
  • Items considered hazardous material or hazardous waste
  • Live Plants and Seeds
  • Lottery tickets and gambling devices
  • Money, Coins Cash, Gift Checks, Credit/Debit Cards
  • USPS Shipping Supplies
  • Narcotics (Includes Cannabis, Cannabis by-products, THC & CBD products)
  • New or Used motor vehicles
  • Pornographic and/or obscene material
  • Packages that are wet, leaking, or emit an odor of any kind
  • Perishable Goods
  • Personal Documents (passports, ID’s, Bank statements, letters from friends, etc)
  • Paintball makers, airsoft guns
  • Protein Powders made in China ( protein powders made in the USA, CA or MX is okay)
  • Prescribed medications
  • Spore microscopy Kit/Mushroom Spores
  • Electrical sprayer/thermal fogger
  • Used Bedsheets and pillowcase
  • Used farm equipment
  • Milk / Dairy Products
  • Shippsy will not be accepting FRAGILE ITEMS.
    Fragile items include anything that can be easily broken, from glassware to antiques and more. These delicate items can be made of any material, including crystal and ceramic, and need extra attention before shipping.
  • Gifts and other personal items with no documented value are not allowed.

    Please note that Shippsy will NOT BE ACCEPTING orders from the following:
    - Walmart ( shipments from Walmart should have a valid tracking number and should be properly packed, grocery items in paper bags will not be accepted)
    - Wegmans
    - Instacart
    - Doordash

    We are fully compliant with CBSA regulations. Misdeclaration / inaccurate item descriptions or values will result in a $300 penalty and permanent suspension of your account, and you may face penalties or more severe consequences from CBSA.

    NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive, there may be other items that may be prohibited. For questions/concerns, please email us at