Handling of Pallets/skids

Are you a business importing high volumes of shipments, or are you an individual transporting an oversized item? Shippsy has the perfect solution for you with our pallet service.

Pallet shipping is the best option for items over 100lbs or over 100 inches in total dimensions(L+W+H) when transporting large items or multiple packaged items/containers. This service is cost-effective and efficient for handling and transporting your goods.
If you’re looking to transport more than one pallet from the same vendor on the same delivery day, you’re able to save on our Shippsy fees too.

  • Taxes and duties still applicable
  • Pricing is based on standard-size pallets 48x40x72"
  • To get the 50% discount on your additional skids, the skids must come from the same vendor and be delivered on the same day
  • Pallets/skids with total dimensions(L+W+H) over 160" will be tagged as oversized and will be charged an extra $50
  • Complimentary storage for up to 14 days
  • The pricing is valid on transportation from our US location to our Canadian location

*Please note that all oversized shipments and pallets/skids need to be picked up from our Mississauga facility. (applicable to all Ontario clients)